Grease Trap Maintenance & Odour Control

A new game-changing chemical technology that solves the ongoing problem of grease trap odour & drain/sewer pipe blockages.

About Drainshield's Wastewater Conditioner

Fats, Oils & Grease (fogs) are a by-product of the food prepared and served in restaurants, takeaways, pubs, hotels, & delis. They originate from vegetable oils, butter, sauces, & animal fats in the cooking process which if not correctly treated can block sewers & drains, attract vermin and lead to noxious dangerous odours & gases.

Drainshield’s wastewater conditioner using revolutionary molecular technology readily liquifies Fogs while capturing and removing noxious smells at source. The interaction between Drainshield’s wastewater conditioner and the FOG structure is irreversible, allowing for permanent removal of the odour and efficient FOG removal from grease traps, pipes, drains & sewers.

How Does It Work?


Dilution, consumption & application methods are dependent on settings and client needs. Consult with our friendly representative for application support.

Drainshield's Wastewater Conditioner Advantages

Quickly liquefies fats, oils & grease permanently.

Eliminates noxious odours and fumes.

Dramatically increases grease trap efficiency.

Prevents blockages & seized pipelines.

Contains No bacteria or enzymes

Is non-toxic, non-volatile, non-flammable, biodegradable


We were experiencing very bad smells from our grease trap located in our kitchen - these smells were making their way out into the restaurant which was leaving a bad impression on our customers. Ecotec advised us to install a system to dose the trap nightly with Drainshield- within 24 hours the smells were eliminated and have not returned. The grease trap is also performing far more efficiently and requires far less maintenance and the costs are relatively minor. Many thanks to Ecotec and Drainshield!
La Cucina
We have 6 automatic grease retention units in our kitchen which were causing upset as they had "rotten egg" smells wafting from them and made some staff members nauseous. Ecotec installed a dosing system using Drainshield -grease trap maintenance & odour control which quickly eliminated the problem and increased the grease removal efficiency of the units. We are very pleased with the results and would highly recommend this product.

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